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Feast of talents: II Creative Festival was held within the framework of the “Hands of Hope” Project

On February 19, 2017 the second creative festival took place within the framework of the “Hands of Hope” Project. 30 pupils at the age from 8 till 14 showed skills that they developed during the Project. They were performing songs and musical shows, reciting poetry and making a miniature comic drama in English. Every participant received festive awards (diplomas and confectionery gifts from another ADRA Ukraine Project called “Children helping children” implemented in a partnership with ADRA Germany).    

The creative festival is as an interim report of the work of children’s Clubs that operate under the “Hands of Hope” Project. Participants of every Club prepared their performances specially for this event and all of them took part in it. In general, more than 10 performances were presented at the concert. The works of pupils of Hand-made, Drawing and Bead weaving Clubs were presented at the exhibition. Pupils of Vocal and Guitar playing Clubs presented their performances and provided background music during this event. Pupils of Computer Club created photo and video slide-shows about interesting facts of human lives. Members of Friends Club recited poetry and students of English Club performed a comic drama “Imagine branch” in original language. The Festival ended with a funny warm-up presented by members of Fitness Club. The host of the Festival was Alina Gryn, a child psychologist and a teacher of Friends Club.

Hands of Hope” Project is implemented by ADRA Ukraine, a charitable organization, in cooperation with ADRA Germany. The project has been implemented since November 2016 and it will last till May 2017. The main purpose of the Project is to support low-income, large and IDP families. According to the Project, parents are provided with financial and psychosocial assistance.We work with families that belong to potentially vulnerable groups: large families, IDPs and low-income families. They need financial and psychological support in order to overcome their problems. Qualified psychologists who are involved in the Project help these people to recognize the matter of their problems and find the way how to cope with them”, – told Yan Ishchuk, a Project Manager.

Under the “Hands of Hope” Project, 11 free Clubs for children are operating now in the Family Support Center that is located in Darnytskyi district, Kyiv.

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