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Donbas will get humanitarian aid under the new project supported by the German Goverment

“Repair and relief services for people affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine” is the new project ADRA Ukraine launched on November 15, 2017. With the financial support of the German Foreign Affairs Office, this project will be implemented in Donetsk region with its completion date of 30 September, 2019.

The project comprises activities by the following components:

  1. Shelter and Wintarization: adequate permanent shelter and wintering assistance for the most vulnerable conflict affected population.
  2. PSS: physical and psychosocial care through physiotherapy sessions, individual and group support.
  3. WASH: immediate and sustainable access to sufficient safe water, and minimal levels of sanitation provision for conflict-affected people.
  4. Relief: full and non-discriminatory access to quality essential services for people of concern in hard-to-reach areas along the contact line.


Throughout the entire project period, the first component foresees repair of households damaged under minor, medium-scale and heavy categories. 1755 households will be covered by the repair plan with over 4 thousand beneficiaries to be included. In addition, it is planned to support about 230 homeowners (100 households) with insulation and assist to 3 000 beneficiaries in winterization period.

The second component provides psychosocial support through visits of mobile teams to 7 000 people living along the contact line. Training courses for future psychologists are foreseen to be conducted in that area as well. Around 4 000 of mostly vulnerable beneficiaries will receive psychosocial and physiotherapy assistance at ADRA community centers in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk.

Under the third component, sanitation and clean drinking water will be ensured. Along the project activity period, up to 90 000 of people crossing checkpoints and living in the vicinity of contact line will be provided with drinking water. Hygiene promotion activities “Healthy planet” with follow-up distribution of hygienic kits are planned for children living in the area of the contact line.

First in Ukraine, the new relief component foresees full and non-discriminatory access to quality essential services for people of concern in hard-to-reach areas along the contact line. On a weekly basis, they will be ensured with continuous access to social institutions as schools, hospitals, councils etc. This component will support the most vulnerable population with over a thousand beneficiaries residing in dangerously unsafe areas.  

In general, over 100 000 people in need will be ensured with support under this project.