Emergency projects

Since EuroMaidan events and start of the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, ADRA takes care of about 300,000 needful people in 15 regions of Ukraine. In summary, during the years of 2014 and early 2015, ADRA Ukraine have completed projects totaling USD $2,144,523 and will start the response for another $2,000,000:

1) initial response project during EuroMaidan protests in Kyiv reaching some 1,500 people providing first need goods distribution, NFI distribution, transportation of the wounded, psycho-social assistance (funded through the ADRA network)

2) four-month-project providing emergency food, baby formula, home repair, evacuation, information assistance and one-time cash grants to over 2,000 people in 5 regions including the most affected Donetsk and Lugansk both government and non-government control territories (funded through the ADRA network)

3) cash program focused on the winterization of homes and paying rent and utilities for 2,000 IDPs families (funded by USAID)

4) voucher project focused on winter clothing, hygiene products for 1,550 IDPs and psychosocial services for 1,550 IDPs families  (funded by DFATO)

5) in-kind commodities for 10,000 IDPs in Donbas region (non-government controlled territory) and almost 10,000 vouchers and 4000 cash for food in government controlled territories. In total ADRA has distributed more than 24,000 food commodities in partnership with WFP over the last half a year

6) delivering humanitarian aid collected in Germany, Poland, Finland  and USA. Only with UNICEF there were seven 25 ton trucks of hygiene kits and water distributed  for 120,000 people

7) within ‘East Angel’ project in partnership with 600 volunteers from all over Ukraine there were collected and delivered food, NFI, water and hygiene for around 10, 000 IDPs within 8 months period

8) ongoing light and medium repairment of 800 houses in Donetsk region (with the help of UNHCR)

9) working on collective centers for more than  1,500 people (funded by the Governments of Slovakia and the Czech Republic)

10) providing shoes for almost 28,000 kids in crisis from all over Ukraine within ‘Toms Shoes’ project

11) providing five trucks of potable water for 40,000 people in Volnovakha Schools, Donetsk region (with financial support of UNICEF)

12) distribution of NFI and medical materials for 3,500 people affected by humanitarian crisis in Lugansk and Donetsk regions  (with the help of ADRA Germany)

13) NFI in-kind distributions for shelter of 1,600 people in Lugansk and Donetsk regions (with UNHCR funds)