ADRA Ukraine - Адвентистське Агенство Допомоги та Розвитку в Україні

Food packages and vouchers for purchasing essential goods

August - December 2015
The program ensures:
1. Distribution of food packages to vulnerable people living in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts.
2. Distribution of vouchers for purchasing essential goods in "Brusnichka" shops network for vulnerable people living in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts.

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WASH: Provision of safe drinking water and secure sanitation conditions, and hygiene promotion in the conflict affected communities in 7 locations of Donetsk oblasts of Eastern Ukraine

April 2016 - February 2017
The program ensures:

1. Provision of WASH services delivery through bottled water distribution, water trucking, construction of bore wells, repairs of water networks, installation of water tanks in rural areas without centralized water supply systems.

2. Distribution of hygiene kits and cash-vouchers for Prostor shop network to the most vulnerable persons among crisis-affected population groups.

3. Hygiene promotional campaign about basic sanitation and hygiene, households water treatment during emergency.

4. Hygiene promotion events for children about basic sanitation and hygiene.

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Center for Family Support and Children „Hands of Hope“ in Kyiv

September 2012 - till now

The program ensures:

1. for children - classes of English language, computer literacy, guitar, needlework, beadwork, batik, table tennis, 'club of friends' which works with children's psychologist

2. for adults - family club for parents, where is availabe individual counseling and family counselor, as well thematic meetings, where groups can share common problems or topics they are facing to

3. for all is available clothes bank with clothes, shoes and toys

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History of Adra Ukraine

ADRA in Ukraine has been operating since 1993.
During 20 years period ADRA Ukraine has implemented over 150 different projects and provided  up to 0,5 mln. direct beneficiaries with material, social and psychological assistance. Those were emergency relief projects of first need goods distribution for the victims of natural and man-made disasters, humanitarian aid assistance for the most vulnerable population: crisis and extended families, orphans, children of Chernobyl, handicapped and disabled, elderly people, soup-kitchens for the poor, social relief and development projects in the centers of support and care, rehabilitation, orphanages etc.

Since EuroMaidan events and start of the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, ADRA takes care of about 400,000 needful people in 15 regions of Ukraine. In summary, during the years of 2014 and early 2015 ADRA Ukraine have completed projects totaling USD $2,144,523.